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Success Through CWJCLC

Diamond Starr Williams is one of the success stories in CWJC of Lee County. Her mother named her Diamond because she knew that there was something special about her. I believe that to be true as well. Diamond was 23 years old and lived with her mom in the housing authority. She basically lived by herself while her mom did her own thing and was not a good role model for her. Diamond rode the bus from the Housing Authority to class every day. You could see a determination in her to do something more with her life and that is exactly what she did. She was an exceptional participant that thrived on learning new things and embracing new challenges.

Diamond graduated CWJC in fall of 2014. She began attending church on Sundays and a midweek Bible Study where the church became community to her. She got a job at the Winn Dixie Bakery and rode the bus to work. She saved her money and was able to pay off some debt that she had accumulated over the years. She was promoted to assistant manager at work. One of the graduates in her class taught Diamond how to drive and she was able to obtain her driver’s license. She now was saving her money to buy a car and working towards trying to get out of the housing authority.

Diamond’s story tells of many successes in her life- graduating CWJC, attending church and Bible Study, gaining employment and then a promotion, paying off debt, obtaining a driver’s license, and saving money for a car and new place to live. Her time at CWJC gave her the skills and confidence to accomplish many victories in her life. There was a twinkle in her eye the day Diamond graduated CWJC that has not left her since and she really is a special star in the ministry of CWJC.

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